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As homes become more insular and space becomes premium, every design aspect should contribute to the overall enjoyment of music. There are music systems to suit every pocket, from portable speakers where you can connect your smartphone, laptop or, for those who still have the iconic iPod, to theatre-style surround sound. Every room in the house can be wired (or blue-toothed) to take advantage of the centrally located music system. These systems can be retrofitted although it is always better to work with your architect and sound specialist when you are building or renovating your house.

Some audiophiles insist on an entire room dedicated to music and these rooms are usually furnished with the ultimate enjoyment of music in mind. A properly designed room will have the seating in the optimal position to take advantage of the stereo effect. Furnishings will complement the acoustics of the room. The room may or may not be soundproofed, depending on the tastes of the house occupants. So kick back on one of these and check out our take below: 

HomeTheatre Soundproof

Not every audiophile is lucky enough to have a dedicated soundproofed music room. Enjoying music while everybody else is sleeping does not necessarily mean that you have to turn the volume right down and sit with your ear pressed against the speaker. Headphones have also been treated with technology upgrades and the better quality ones have built-in volume regulators to minimise damage to your ears. Iconic names such as Sennheiser have always been one of the go-to names in music enjoyment. Bluetooth technology enables the listener to be several metres away (25m+ is not unheard of) and they can be used with your SmartTV as well.


The hot trend for 2015 is to return to vinyl. Although the sound quality of digital is far superior, there is a nostalgia to the golden age of records. The newly designed vertical turntables come in all configurations to match every décor taste and budget.

Record3 Record2Record1

The crowdfunding company Kickstarter, announced in the middle of the year a project to raise money for a floating turntable – an interesting concept indeed!


Even in this age of insulated music enjoyment in the form of earphones plugged into a smartphone, the race to make the perfect music system is still being run between the biggest names in home entertainment. Bang & Olufsen, Sony, Phillips, Pioneer are all recognized names in home theatre and music system designs. The aforementioned Gramovox has become a serious player in the sound system arena and they bring old-fashioned ideas and designs and modernise them to fit right in with current lifestyles and décor trends.



Magnificient Metal

Here’s an article for my furniture fans. I’m on a rick-roll hehe 😛


The use of metal in furniture designs is a fairly new concept if one takes into account how long wood has been used for this purpose. Traditionally, metal was used for office desks, filing cabinets, credenzas and in change rooms. Metal was also quite commonly used for home kitchen cupboards. More recently, steel craftsmen and designers have been producing the most beautiful steel and leather furniture, such as the barcelona lounge chair.


There are different types of metal that is used, depending on the manufacturer. The most common and perhaps oldest type of metal used is wrought iron. This type of metal is not cast or poured, instead it is hammered and bent into shape, resulting in a rough finish. Wrought iron is a popular choice for patio and outdoor furniture as it is heavy and requires a little maintenance to avoid rusting. It may also be painted to a colour of your choice. The furniture produced from this type of metal is beautiful, whether the preference is tradition or contemporary, and today people are bringing wrought iron into the home. Bedroom sets are crafted to individual tastes, as are tables and chairs.

The other commonly used metal is stainless steel which is an alloy of carbon, chromium, iron and other metals. Stainless steel is lighter than wrought iron and has a more even finish. It requires less maintenance as it does not rust or corrode due to the chromium content. Stainless steel may be crafted to produce dining tables and chairs, bedroom sets, coffee tables, patio furniture and more. It is a more likely choice for inside the home due to it being easier to move around. Manufacturers using stainless steel powder-coat the steel and then add colour and texture.

Aluminium is a lighter and softer type metal compared to stainless steel though it is similar in appearance. This type of metal has a powder-coated finish applied to it; it will not rust or fade, hence, little or no maintenance is required. Furniture designed using aluminium is maybe either modern or contemporary. It is a trendy choice for outdoor furniture and the designs are limitless.


Brass and copper are also types of metal in furniture designs, though they are usually found in the home in the form of light fittings, door and cupboard handles, water faucets (taps) and curtain rods. The designs are many and varied.

The various metal furniture manufacturers use a number of different finishes, from an “antiqued” where the final finish appears old. This is often achieved by either darkening or tarnishing the metal. A brushed finish looks as if the metal has been painted with a paintbrush resulting in an appearance of brushstroke marks and has a matte finish. Metal that looks as if it has been hit repeatedly with a hammer leaving small dented marks which adds texture is called a “hammered” finish. A polished surface gives a mirror-like, reflective finish and a stained finish is smoother than a brushed finish, normally without the brushstroke look. It is also a sheen that is not matte nor polished, though an in-between.

Various types of other materials are incorporated with metal furniture. Various fabrics, leather, wood, glass, and various marbles are just a few. The combinations are endless and available for every individual taste.

When deciding on furniture, consider bringing metal into your home to add a bit of variety.


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